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My Favorite Networking Tips

  • “How are you going to activate your difference in this world? How are we going to activate the difference in this world? Through other humans, with other humans.”

  • If networking doesn’t come easily to you and you want to improve, this is an invaluable training that will help you create greater connections and relationships!

  • “If you want to be the linchpin, know it’s not about you. Once you decide to be the linchpin in your network, everything changes. You get to be more confident, because it’s not even about you.”

  • Watch the video to get the full training.

  • This training will help you go from being the shy person in the room to the person who has created the strongest connections!

We’re here today to talk about your network. Your connections of people who you are able to get to know, connect with, serve, and draw value from on a consistent basis. I’d love for you, just as we start this, right as we’re going to jump into some of this, I’d love for you to do yourself a real gift. In your journal, just start writing down the most influential people you know or you know you’re like one degree away from. Just start writing down, “Oh, I know this person in my community. Oh, I know this person in my downline. Oh, I know this person in my industry. Oh, I know…” Just start writing down those people. “Oh, I know this person from church. Oh, I know this person from that community group.” Just start writing it down. The people you already know who have success, influence, achievement, who can open doors, who maybe don’t know you yet. That’s okay. But I want you to start compiling this list.

To give you an idea of how strategic I am about this, in my laptop I have a Excel spreadsheet where I list out every person of influence I know. I list out how I met them or how I want to meet them. I list out things like what I know about them. I list out things, as we’ll talk about, what I know about what they want to create or build, who they want to connect to. I write out things like whether it’s their websites or their social media handles. I rank them based on the personal connection I really do have with them, and I score card them based on how much I want to meet them in these coming six months. And I look at that on a very consistent basis. And we’re going to talk about how you should have something like that too.

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Because if you just right now think, “Gosh, who do I know?” And you’re really struggling to make this list in your journal I am here to tell you, you are now entering the first few steps of becoming obscenely wealthy and influential again in your life, or for the first time. Because when people don’t know this, when I ask them, “Who are the most influential people you know or the most successful people you know?” And they’re like, “Well, I think my cousin knows somebody.” I’m like, “Oh my God, you haven’t even touched the richness of life yet.” And this is not about getting to know just like wealthy people to know wealthy people, or influential people to know influential people. It’s so that you have the influence you need in the world.

Because how are you going to activate your difference in this world? How are we going to activate the difference in this world? Through other humans, with other humans. And when you want to activate your difference in this world and you have access to people who have greater influence, obviously you are able to activate that difference faster.

And any dream you have, like if you want to shoot a documentary one day, guess what? If you already have a network of filmmakers, which is way easier than going down to Best Buy and asking the guy at the counter about cameras, right? If you want to start a school in a foreign country and make your difference in that way, guess what? That’s super hard to do by learning about it on the internet, but if you mind your thing, you go, “Oh, I met this person from that country at Mitt’s seminar and I have their business card, but I never followed up with them.” That’s the first person you should call to say, “Hey, I want to make a difference where you live. Let’s have a conversation.”

When you choose to be the linchpin, you have a completely different aim, a completely different forward lean, like you work the room in a completely different way.

I know you get this philosophically, so let’s dial in to what prevents people from really mining and exploring their network better. I’m going to share a couple of ideas with you. The very first one I think is frankly the most important one, is that most people when they think about a networking event or situation… You’re at my seminar, you meet some people. You’re at church after the sermon. After, you’re all standing out at the parking lot ready to go home. You’re in that networking event in your industry at nighttime, everyone’s having those nice little warm weird appetizers that you always eat too many of and you feel sick the next day. You’re doing all the networking events. What is your primary aim there? Like what is the aim that you have socially, when you meet new people? I really want you to think about it. What is your aim when you meet new people?

Now I’ll tell you what most people’s aim is—their dream, their goal, their unconscious pattern of behavior is being stemmed from their desire to be liked. “I hope they like me. I hope I fit in. I hope I belong.” That human yearning for belonging. We all want to be accepted, we want to be liked. And yet, if you look at your behaviors in networking situations, I bet most of your behavior is actually about you wanting to be liked versus being a linchpin. Let me show you this philosophical difference. Some people want to be liked, some people want to be the linchpin. If your aim is to be liked, you kind of hang around and hope people come up to you and talk to you and get to know you and that they like you, they understand you, they validate you, they accept you.

If you’re working a room… That’s what they call networking, right? To “work the room”. And you want to meet people and you just want to be liked, what do you do? “Oh hi, how are you doing?” And you’re all sheepish.

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If you want to be the linchpin, know it’s not about you. Once you decide to be the linchpin in your network, everything changes. You get to be more confident, because it’s not even about you.

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